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 T40W Serie

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Temperature & Humidity range40℃, <5%RH
Precision±3.0%RH, ±1.0℃
Recovery time
(Open door 30 secs)
Open door 30 seconds and close, 10 mins recovery time to <10%RH, 30 mins recovery time to <5%RH
External dimensions (mm)W1200*D770*H1805W600*D770*H1805W600*D810*H1380W600*D810*H680
Internal dimensions (mm)W1140*D490*H1450W510*D490*H1450W510*D530*H1025W510*D530*H420
Shelf dimensions (mm)W1080*D460*H20W480*D460*H20W480*D510*H20W480*D510*H20
No. of Shelf5532
Power consumptionAve. 395Wh
Max. 955W
Ave. 225Wh
Max. 505W
Ave. 225Wh
Max. 505W
Ave. 165Wh
Max. 355W

Standard featuresFlash and buzz alarm, calibration reminding, PPS heat resistant material, RS232 port, Humidity Manager software for recording and monitoring humidity and temperature.
Optional productsData logger, data reader, Humidity Manager V3 software-Floor Life calculation feature, SensorLook centralized monitoring system, external alarm tower, open door alarm.