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F1 Serie ...neu..relative Luftfeuchtigkeit 1% 


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Humidity Range<1%RH
Precision±2%RH;±1℃ (at <10%RH, 25℃ )
Recovery time
(Open door 30 secs)
Open door 30 seconds and close, 15 mins recovery time to <5%RH, 
30 mins recovery time to <2%RH
Voltage110V / 230V
External Size(mm)W1200*D672*H1815W600*D672*H1815W600*D672*H1275W600*D672*H632
Internal Size(mm)W1198*D642*H1625W598*D642*H1625W598*D642*H1070W598*D642*H525
Shelf dimensions (mm)W1155*D530*H20W555*D530*H20W555*D530*H20W555*D530*H20
No. of Shelf5532
Power consumptionAve. 135Wh
Max. 425W
Ave. 83Wh
Max. 285W
Ave. 83Wh
Max. 285W
Ave. 83Wh
Max. 285W